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about reborn

We didn't just birth our babies.

We birthed ourselves, as mothers.

We, were reborn.

The postpartum period is physically demanding, and can come with many intense emotions. It is not uncommon for the entire first year after birth to feel overwhelming for new mothers. 


The unfortunate reality is that mothers and their needs are often overshadowed by the arrival of a new baby. Even the basic things mothers need for the postpartum stage are hard to find in stores, while onesies and baby gift hampers are plenty galore.


We know, we've been there. Reborn was created by two mothers with a common vision to serve the new mother; to bring to her things that help her tide over the immediate postpartum period, and beyond. To let her know that it's not just about the baby. That she's a giver of life. That healing her mind, body and soul brings magic to her relationship with baby.


We want receiving something from Reborn to feel like a secret handshake between two insiders. 


This feels hard, but here's something that will help. And oh yes, welcome to the club. You have never been more deserving. Let us take care of you.

Your journey towards recovery begins here, now.

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