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The Postpartum Plan


A guidebook to plan for life after birth, together.

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A beautiful guide designed to help new expecting parents plan for the most important aspects of the life after birth, together.

The Postpartum Plan


What's within:

  • Guiding questions & suggestions

  • Covers your plan for the Golden Hour after birth, nutrition, parenting philosophies, visitor policy, financial planning, and more.

  • 30 affirmations & quotes to bring positivity & calm to a new mother.

Created in conversation with mothers.

Gathering their thoughts, reflections, wishes & regrets, we wove their collective experiences into a guide that can help new mothers go forth better informed, and better prepared.

A perfect gift for new mothers & new parents

Emotionally supportive, inclusive and non-judgemental - every parent can find a space within to explore their new roles in baby's life.

The Postpartum Plan

The Reborn Box:

one box for a better postpartum...


Everything a new mother needs for a smoother & calmer postpartum, at the doorstep.


Full of natural & organic remedies curated by mothers, delivered in sustainable packaging.


Enjoy perks with services & companies that celebrate and support mothers.

or shop individual products

Reborn Box

is baby already here? 

We got you mama. What does your body need, right now?

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Vaginal birth, caesarean section, emergency c-section, belly birth... However baby came earth-side, we'll be bleeding for a few weeks. 

This thoughtfully designed bottle helps us to gently clean and soothe the perineal area, so we can return to bed and baby feeling fresh. It also helps to dull the sting for mamas with stitches. 


meet your first postpartum friend

pop these into your hospital bag...


organic, herbal relief

Feeling sore and itchy from stitches? Our plant-based perineal spray is made with organic witch hazel, aloe & cucumber for a naturally soothing recovery.


Use after you've rinsed off with our peri bottle for instant relief.


we are not just giving birth to a baby.
we are giving birth to us, as mothers.
we, will be reborn.


What's worse than breastmilk leaking through our shirts? A breast pad playing peek-a-boo, and trust us, most of them do.

Not these ones though. These discreet, non-slip and absorbent breast pads stay put and can fit in the daintiest of bralettes (because we should still get to feel sexy postpartum!). Made with OEKO-TEX certified fabric, and only soft, sustainable and pesticide-free bamboo touching skin. 



soft, discreet
a sanctuary for nursing nipples

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